The list of topics that can be collected is extensive and as new cards are produced established collections are added to and new categories introduced. Each member may specialise in one or a number of themes as in some of the examples listed. This is in no way a complete list, it simply represents some of the categories and sub-categories that people will collect. We are so appreciative that Chicago Playing Card Collectors have produced and update such an extensive number of lists/catalogues which has made collecting a more manageable hobby.

Collections are in many ways a personal thing. Some people will collect to a list/catalogue while others collect according to their interests, travels or simple for the aesthetic value of the card – their own personal likes.

The following content is with gratitude to Chicago Playing Card Collectors who have listed a number of headings for collectors to use as a starting point for their own collection. Quote ”This is not a complete overview of cards that one can collect. It merely serves to show how cards can be categorised”.

Arts: Performing arts (music, dance), Literature, The movies, Stage plays, TV shows, Famous cartoon characters, Famous paintings & illustrators, Classic era pin-up art, Other pop/contemporary art .

Advertising: – Early advertising art, Ads – various industries, Company logos, Clubs -Famous ad characters, Foods, Beverages, etc., -Reproductions, Vintage poster art (Also see “Museum Treasures”).

Geographical — Environment: Cities, Nations, Famed sites worldwide (world flora & fauna), Sea life, Birds, Animals (dogs, cats, horses, wildlife), Flowers, Scenery (Ethnic costumes/scenes), Old European, Latin American, Mideast, Asia, Africa, American Indian, Polynesian, etc.

Historical: “Patriotic” cards of various nations, Scenes of historical eras, Royal families, Other famous people, Various nations, Worlds Fair issues.

Military, Institutional: Ancient arms, Heraldry, Clan Tartans, Land/sea/air forces, Service crests,-Various wartime era issues,
Weapons, Uniforms, Police, Fire departments, Colleges & universities, Churches.

Sports & gaming: -Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Winter sports, Hunting/fishing, Horse racing/polo, Automobile/other motor racing, Olympic Games, Casinos.

Transportation: -Aircraft/all eras, Aerospace, Airlines, Hot air balloons, Automotive/all eras, Railroad, Sailing ships, Steamships, Cruise lines, other transport themes.

Vintage & misc: -Old Wides/Narrows, Museum Treasures (antiques and collectibles pictured on cards), Ancient artifacts, Statuary, Stained glass, Jewellery, Textiles, Stamps, Coins, Patterns, Design/filigree, other misc.

Card Fronts: -Unique Spade Aces, Jokers, Court (King, Queen, Jack), Special card face designs (overseas issues, non-standard novelty, souvenir, etc.)