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Individual Collectors/Sellers who are prepared to help

Yasha Bereisner

Yasha is one of the UK’s leading authorities and maintains an extensive online store.

All enquiries welcome : or call 020 8249 2207

Joop Muller

Joop Muller and Miriam van Houten have created a fascinating website showcasing their own vast collections and selling cards via Ebay.

Jelle Sietsma

Jelle Sietsma has been collecting playing cards for 40 years. His collection ranges from Dutch jokers, to Coca Cola, to Shell Oil, to OLA (Streets in this country). His website features sections of cards he has to swap and cards he knows he needs and would love to hear from those willing to swap!

 Tieman Spits

Tieman Spits is a collector from the USA, of Holland-American Line shipping cards. He welcomes people to his website and if you have a card or deck that you do not see on the site would welcome either a good quality scan for his site or an opportunity to purchase/trade the actual card or deck.

CARTORAMA is a mail-order business established in 1994, and specializing on playing cards for collectors, games and ephemera. We use to issue 2 to 3 fully illustrated fixed price lists a year, mainly focussing on playing cards, and written in English. I have been myself in the playing card business since 1982, and was of course a collector (but not of playing cards). We’ll be happy to welcome you on our mailing list.

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