The Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Inc. would like to welcome you to their website.

We encourage you to spend a little time browsing and hopefully you will then visit one of our meetings soon
– and maybe even consider becoming a member.

The MPCC usually meets on the first Saturday of each month except if it happens to fall on a long weekend where the venue is required for in-house maintenance. In that case the meeting will be held on the second Saturday.

Fairs are held twice a year where we host outside vendors who sell cards and similar items.

Dates for 2020:
January:  No meeting
February:  Saturday 1st
March:  Saturday 14th – FAIR
April:   Saturday 4th – AGM
May:   Saturday 2nd
June:   Saturday 13th
July:   Saturday 4th
August:   Saturday 1st
September:   Saturday 5th – FAIR
October:  Saturday 3rd – Clubs 49th Anniversary
November:   Saturday 7th
December:   Saturday 5th – Christmas Celebration

General Meeting 1.00pm – 4.00pm
FAIR days 11:30am – 3:00pm

‘Alkira’, 3 Thurston Street, Box Hill 3128
Melways Reference: Map 47 C10