Vision & Mission Statement 


Utilitech Services endeavour to ensure clients:

  • Understand system requirements of electrical, mechanical and technology services in layman’s terms, so as they are informed to make educated decisions concerning works required.
  •  Are provided with expert advice concerning electrical, mechanical and technology services, so as best solutions are provided in fulfilling their needs in relation to capital expenditure and ongoing service requirements
  • That all works Utillitech Services are employed to do are carried out quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to a client’s operations.

Utilitech Services, by engaging in the above practices aims to be the company of choice for installation and maintenance works required by organisations across various industries for their electrical, mechanical, and technology services.

Utilitech Services Pty Ltd as a company has established pillars of success, based in trust, dependability and in providing excellence through service and workmanship. Those pillars are;


All Utilitech Services personnel must operate in truth. We must be open and transparent in all our dealings with our clients, reflected in all of our services provided.


All Utilitech Services personnel must deal effectively and efficiently with client requests, ensuring that all works required by Utilitech Services are completed quickly and efficiently, so as a minimal adverse effect (downtime) is caused by maintenance or capital expenditure requirements on client operations.


Utilitech Services personnel must communicate with clients in a clear, concise and respectful manner. Ensuring that customers are kept abreast of all proposed courses of action with regard to maintenance and installation works, allowing them to confidently take the most appropriate course of action concerning works recommended by Utilitech Services.

Natural Environment

Utilitech Services management believe that our natural environment is one of our greatest gifts. Our work practices will not have an adverse effect on the natural environment and we will continue to seek out ways which will continue to improve the work practices employed by Utilitech Services in relation to our environment.